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Member Resources

Welcome to the HBBA Member Resources page, your hub for valuable tools and documents designed to assist HBBA members in various aspects of governance. From organizational-level resources that govern all members to optional resources for Chapter Boards, these materials will help ensure smooth operations and effective collaboration within our network. We encourage all members to explore these resources, apply them in their chapter activities, and contribute to the collective growth and success of our dynamic business networking organization.

Organizational Resources

This section includes resources that govern HBBA members at the organizational level, ensuring consistency and integrity across our network. These resources form the foundation of HBBA's operations and help to guide our collective actions.

HBBA Bylaws

The HBBA Bylaws serve as the foundational governing document that outlines the structure, purpose, and responsibilities of our organization. Members should refer to the Bylaws to gain a comprehensive understanding of our operating principles, membership requirements, and decision-making processes. These Bylaws form the framework that guides our collective actions and ensures the integrity of HBBA.
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Member Code of Ethics

The Member Code of Ethics represents the core values and ethical standards that all HBBA members are expected to uphold. It sets forth guidelines for professional conduct, integrity, and respect within our network. By adhering to the Code of Ethics, members create an environment of trust and reliability, helping foster strong relationships and meaningful collaborations among our diverse community.
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Optional Resources for Chapter Boards

This section provides optional resources specifically designed to assist Chapter Boards in organizing and running their chapters efficiently. These resources aim to enhance chapter engagement, foster active participation, and promote a cohesive and productive networking environment.

Attendance Policy

A well-structured Attendance Policy is crucial for maintaining chapter engagement and accountability. This optional resource helps Chapter Boards set attendance expectations, manage absences, and promote active participation. By implementing a clear attendance policy, chapters can ensure that all members contribute to the success of the group while maximizing networking and referral opportunities.
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Referral Reporting Sheets

Tracking and reporting referrals is essential for measuring chapter success and identifying potential business opportunities. Our Referral Reporting Sheets provide a system for Chapter Boards to record and analyze referral activity in their chapters. By using these sheets, Chapter Boards can gain insights into referral trends, celebrate member achievements, and encourage a culture of collaboration.
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Chapter Policies

HBBA as an organization intentionally gives a lot of flexibility to each Chapter to operate in ways that work best for their members, so long as they don’t contradict the HBBA Bylaws or Member Code of Ethics. Some Chapters have found it beneficial to develop policies to guide them along the way, and this is an example of that.
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