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Amy Lee Kaiser

Soul Healing Bodywork & Wellness Center
Health Care & Social Assistance

about my business

Hi! I’m Amy Lee, the founder and creator of “Amy Lee’s Sacred Womb Therapy” which is based on holistic – and WHOLE – healing for women experiencing concerns with their fertility and pelvic health.

Specialized Care for Women’s Pelvic Health: Infertility, Painful/missing periods, Bladder issues, Miscarriage, sexual dysfunction, Menopause struggles, Gastrointestinal disorders, Pelvic surgery recovery, C-Section scar pain/issues, Birth recovery and more.

I have personally experienced miscarriage, pelvic trauma, C-Section, menstrual pain, and bladder issues. The “care” I received for these experiences left me both wishing and KNOWING there had to be a BETTER treatment which could give much better results.

But I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t get the help I really needed. So, I created the solution myself!

My Business Info

Soul Healing Bodywork & Wellness Center
1907 Schofield Ave
Schofield 54476
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ideal referral

My ideal client is a woman struggling with any of the above mentioned issues who is ready to invest time and money in herself and her healing. She's aware that energy and emotion play a roll in our physical health and she's ready to heal those areas as well.