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Christine Ribble

CR Adventure Travel
Entertainment & Recreation
Chapter Board: Events

about my business

Welcome to CR Adventure Travel, where your travel dreams become extraordinary realities and you live your adventure! With over 10 years of experience, the owner, Christine Ribble prides herself on being a world-traveler, who pays meticulous attention to details. Specializing in honeymoons, destination weddings, and group travel to Europe, the Caribbean, and faith-based destinations, Christine is passionate about curating unforgettable experiences for individuals, couples, and families.

She believes that every journey should be a masterpiece crafted with care. Her team of dedicated travel professionals and tour providers has explored the globe extensively, which allows her to offer you a wealth of firsthand knowledge and insider tips. Whether you envision strolling through the romantic streets of Paris, basking in the sun-kissed beaches of the Caribbean, or embarking on a transformative pilgrimage, she has the expertise to make it happen.

Christine goes above and beyond to create tailor-made experiences that perfectly reflect your vision. From selecting the ideal romantic hideaway to organizing seamless wedding ceremonies in breathtaking locations, we take care of every meticulous detail, ensuring that your special occasion is truly magical.

Her expertise extends to group travel, where she excels in designing unforgettable adventures for your friends, family or colleagues. Whether you're planning a family reunion, corporate retreat, home-school trip, church group, or faith-based pilgrimage, our team will coordinate all aspects, providing you with a stress-free travel experience that fosters connection, exploration, and lifelong memories.

Christine and CR Adventure Travel's commitment to exceptional service extends from the planning stage to the moment you return home.

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ideal referral

The best ideal client is someone who values the expertise and personalized service of a travel advisor. They understand that travel is more than just booking flights and accommodations; it's about creating unforgettable experiences and cherished memories.

Our ideal client appreciates the attention to detail and meticulous planning that goes into crafting a customized itinerary. They have a desire for unique and authentic travel experiences, whether it's exploring hidden gems in Europe, unwind on pristine Caribbean beaches, or embarking on a faith-based pilgrimage.

They are open to expert recommendations and willing to trust our team's knowledge and experience. They understand that working with a travel advisor allows them to access insider tips, exclusive offers, and added amenities that enhance their overall travel experience.

Our ideal client values the importance of celebrating milestones, such as honeymoons and destination weddings, in extraordinary and unforgettable settings. They appreciate the ease and peace of mind that comes with having our team handle all the intricate details and logistics, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their special occasion.

In terms of group travel, our ideal client understands the power of shared experiences ad recognizes the benefits of bringing loved ones or colleagues together in unique destinations. They see the value in strengthening bonds, fostering connections, and creating lifelong memories through carefully curated group travel experiences.

Ultimately, our ideal client is passionate about travel, seeing new adventures, and entrusting us to make their dreams a reality. They value personalized service, attention to detail, and the expertise of a travel advisor to ensure that their travel experiences go beyond expectations.

We are committed to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable journey for our ideal clients who appreciate the added value we bring to their travel adventures.