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Dr. Colby Kasten

Legacy Spine and Sport
Health Care & Social Assistance

about my business

leg·a·cy - the long lasting impact on a person’s life from particular events or actions

Legacy Spine and Sport was created for that exact reason, to change people’s lives! In a world where pain and dysfunction spreads like wildfire, people are struggling with their everyday activities when they shouldn’t have to. The little things in life mean the most and we often lose sight of the importance of performing well at our jobs, sports, or academics, being able to play with our kids or grandkids, being able to recover properly through good sleep, or having the confidence to take control of your life again. Legacy Spine and Sport is here to be a partner in your life and help you achieve the goals you have through quality evidence-based chiropractic care, education, and inspiration. We cannot wait to help!

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Legacy Spine and Sport
106 Mill St.
Reedsville 54230
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