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Dylan Wages

Hotfire Creative
Executive Board: General Member
Chapter Board: Treasurer

about my business

Hotfire Creative is a strategy-first branding and digital marketing agency that is dedicated to helping businesses and nonprofit organizations captivate their audience and share their compelling story. With a strong focus on strategic planning, we offer a wide array of services, including brand development, custom website design, search engine optimization, web accessibility, content marketing, website maintenance, and reliable WordPress hosting. Our innovative approach ensures that every aspect of our client's digital presence is carefully crafted to achieve their specific goals and maximize their impact.

My Business Info

Hotfire Creative
1818 E Wisconsin Ave
Appleton, WI 54911
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ideal referral

An ideal referral for our business would be a company looking to improve their online presence through digital marketing. This could include those seeking to increase web traffic and sales, set up effective digital advertising campaigns, or enhance their brand's visual identity.

We like to work with businesses aiming to enhance their search engine optimization, make their website more accessible to all users, or develop a strong content marketing strategy that would benefit from our services. Ultimately, we're best suited to helping those who want to cut through the online clutter, engage their audience more effectively, and transform their customers into brand ambassadors