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Heather Hall


about my business

I'm Heather, a local benefits advisor and small business owner, representing AFLAC.

I have a passion for helping others to be as prepared as possible for whatever life may bring. I work with businesses and individuals to help fill the gaps that health insurance leaves financially.

I take a low pressure stance with my services; My mission is to get to know someone so that I can present the opportunities that would best suit them and let them make their educated decision. I help with all aspects of benefits, from education and enrolling to invoicing and claims.

From a business owner stand point, let me help you make your benefits package as robust and competitive as possible, allowing your business to stand out while attracting and retaining the quality talent you want and need!

From an individual stand point, I can provide you and your family financial security and peace of mind for when the unexpected occurs!

My Business Info

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ideal referral

My good referral for me would be a business with at least 3 employees, that wants to review what their current benefit package is offering, and see what other options there are.

There is no cost to my service and all benefits can be done through a voluntary payroll deduction, so there is really no downside to sitting down and letting me see what value I might be able to bring your business!