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Justin Scott

Executive Mortgage
Loan & Mortgage Lenders

about my business

Executive Mortgage has been around for 28 years as of October 2024. We are a true mortgage broker, which means we have multiple options for our clients financial futures. We are a company of 15, with experience ranging from just a few years, to over 30 years. The thing that makes Executive Mortgage unique is our client-based business model, good communication, low rates and low cost. We are as "mom and pop" as you are going to get when it comes to a mortgage company, and being part of the Wisconsin community has been an honor and privilege; we are looking forward to assisting you for many years to come.

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Executive Mortgage
909 E Walnut Street
Green Bay, Wisconsin 54301
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ideal referral

There is no "ideal referral", we have based our experience around educating and assisting our clients in one of the largest decisions of their life. The ideal candidate for us would be someone who wants to talk about their future and how to get a mortgage. We would love to assist with the loan, but like to start with the educational approach, as we feel it makes our clients more comfortable in the decision making process.

So the ideal person would be someone willing to talk about how to buy a house.