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Justine Lamers

Knight Barry Title Services
Real Estate

about my business

As an Account Executive at Knight Barry Title, I play a crucial role in the complex world of real estate transactions. I am the orchestrator of a seamless experience for clients, ensuring that every title search and insurance process is managed with precision and attention to detail. My expertise lies in simplifying the complexities of property titles, making the journey from contract to closing smooth and straightforward. With a meticulous eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I am the trusted expert for realtors, lenders, and homebuyers who seek confidence and clarity in their real estate endeavors.

My Business Info

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Knight Barry Title Services
230 Ohio Street STE 220
Oshkosh 54902
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ideal referral

My ideal referral is someone at the heart of a real estate transaction, in need of a reliable guide. This could be a realtor in search of a dependable title partner, a lender requiring expert title services, or a homebuyer embarking on their first purchase. These individuals prioritize professionalism, accuracy, and a streamlined process. They are in search of an expert who not only has a deep understanding of title insurance but also values the importance of a well-managed transaction. My ideal referral is someone who appreciates the unique combination of expertise, efficiency, and personalized service that I offer.