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Renee Schmidt

Wellness Living for Life
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about my business

I am a dedicated professional committed to guiding individuals toward optimal well-being through personalized and holistic approaches. Being a certified health and wellness coach my style integrates motivational interviewing and positive psychology. Creating a supportive and trustworthy environment for clients to explore their goals, challenges, and motivations. Known for my collaborative approach, I maintain unconditional positive regard for my clients. Delivering coaching sessions through video, audio, and supplementary text-based support, I am a passionate leader who helps people build a thriving business, to create residual income that leads to total time and financial freedom. Showing and teaching people to Shop USA for healthier/cleaner affordable options.

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Wellness Living for Life
Wellness Living for Life
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ideal referral

Anyone frustrated with not reaching their health and wellness goals and are looking for a more natural approach. Anyone looking for healthier safer affordable products made in the USA.