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Tina Palmgren

Exceling Your Business, LLC
Information & Technology
Executive Board: Treasurer
Chapter Board: Treasurer

about my business

Exceling Your Business, LLC was created to help busy business owners go from ExHell to Excel.

Whether it's a repetitive task that takes way too long, having to rekey data in multiple locations, a huge project that no one has time to work on (or know where to start), or Excel training and implementation, we work together to get the job done beyond your satisfaction and empower you to use it.

"It saves me several hours, but more importantly it lessens the stress at filing time. It allows me to focus on operations instead of taxation." Marc Buttera ~ O'so Brewing.

Are you ready to Take Back Your Time?

My Business Info

Exceling Your Business, LLC - Logo
Exceling Your Business, LLC
2600 Leahy Ave, #2
Stevens Point, WI 54481
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ideal referral

1. A busy business owner who wants to expand their business, but just can't see how to do it as they have no time to get paperwork done as it is. They missed another important family function staying late at the office to get their work done.

2. A company ready to go to the next level by training their employees in Excel and having an implementation period to help the employees incorporate what they learned into their jobs. “Knowledge is not power; Implementation is power” ~ Garrison Wynn