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Tina Wankey

Roots of Healing, LLC
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about my business

I am a mental health therapist and wellness coach. I address both physical and mental health struggles utilizing a number of modalities to best support my clients. My clients can participate in therapy, hypnotherapy, energy work, wellness coaching through nutrition and WILDFIT Coaching. I truly believe you need to look at the whole body to see what might need to be addressed at a mental and physical level.

Sometimes we need to look at our nutrients and what we are eating to see what changes need to occur in order to reduce inflammation in the body that might be leading to some mental health struggles. Going through my 90 day WILDFIT challenge allows for people to reset their body, reduce inflammation, address their connection to food, and learn the benefits of eating an array of foods and gaining true food freedom.

I also believe we need to look at what's going on deep down in our mind that might be tripping us up and this is where therapy and hypnotherapy might come into play. We can also explore on an energetic level if someone might need a session of Reiki, a ZYTO scan for nutrients, or a NES Health Scan to look at the flow of energy in the body physically and emotionally.

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ideal referral

Someone who is looking to reset their body in a unique way that is based on how our bodies have evolved whether it be physically or emotionally there are different modalities to pull from. If someone feels they are struggling with their weight or mental health and wants to try a different way then what they have tried in the past. Someone who is sick and tired of not having success and need something that they haven't tried before. Someone who is open minded to new experiences.